Balayage at Retreat Hairdressing

What is Balayage?


Balayage is a hair colouring technique that originates from 1970s France. The word Balayage is French for ‘sweeping’, and is used to create light and shade through the hair by applying colour visually. Balayage is usually applied freehand, without the use of foil and can be use to create anything from a strong, ‘punk like’ bold contrast in colour to a soft, elegant and natural sun-kissed look.

The Balayage technique can be used in both long and short styles, however for best results we recommend it is used on long hair, below the shoulders. It has been a popular request in salon recently and there is an ever growing demand for personalised colour as people look for ways to differentiate and create a unique style.

What are the benefits of Balayage?


Compared to traditional colour techniques like full head tints or foil highlights, Balayage is very easy to maintain. This is because you do not get a solid root line when the hair grows out and means you  can leave your hair longer between colour appointments – Perfect if you do not have the time to visit the salon every few weeks to get your hair touched up. Balayage is also great for people who are having their hair coloured for the first time. Using semi permanent colour, we can add a new dimension to your hair by creating new tones, adding depth or making your hair more vibrant without you having to commit to colour long term.How is Balayage applied?

There are many different techniques that stylists use to apply colour to the hair and it can vary depending on your desired result,  colour history and also the length of your hair, but in most cases the colour is applied to individual strands of hair that are picked out by hand. Some stylists use plastic paddle board to separate and colour the hair whilst other just apply colour freehand with their favourite tint brush. A good stylist will adapt their technique for each guest in order to get a personalised result.

Is Balayage right for me?


The balayage technique looks best when applied to natural hair, however many of our existing guests who regularly have foil highlights are opting for this technique. In either case, we recommend at least 3 colour appointments based 6 weeks apart in order to build up the initial colour in the hair or blend any existing hair colour. From then on, you may be able to go up to 4 months with applying more colour to the hair.

Is Balayage a fad?

There will always been demand for low maintenance hair colour  and the Balayage technique has been used in salons for decades. We cant see the technique fading out anytime soon, however the styles created using Balayage will constantly change as trends do. At the moment we are seeing a mixture of styles being created with braver guests choosing heavy dark to light graduations, often finished styles with copper glosses and others going for warm & elegant honey shades.

Maintenance Tips?


Like any other technical treatment that involves applying chemicals to the hair, Balayage can take it’s toll  if it is not applied or maintained with care. In order for your colour to look beautiful, the condition of your hair must be at its best, so make sure you are using professional, in-salon shampoos and conditioners as well as having regular treatments. Ask your stylist to prescribe a conditioning regime that is best suited to your hair and don’t be afraid to invest in quality products that can prevent your colour from fading. Buying cheap products is a false economy and will cost you more in the long run by having to come in more frequently to refresh your colour.