Retreat Hairdressing in Erina is an exclusive stockist of oolaboo. This natural Dutch brand has taken Europe by storm and is winning numerous awards and top end salons over across the world. Retreat Hairdressing was only the second salon in Australia to granted certification as an oolaboo concept store in September 2016.

The hair range is divided into two distinct ranges. Firstly, the Luxury Range and secondly, the Super Foodies range.

The Luxury range:

The advantage of this is that our hair care products not only offer a very luxurious experience, but also have a much more result-oriented effect on the hair and scalp than other brands.

Moisty Seaweed: for dry and unruly hair

Seaweed is a luxurious, powerful natural product that is very suitable for treating (very) dry hair. The special oils restore the hair’s moisture levels and soothe an irritated scalp. The moisturising seaweed products provide intense hydration for the hair with instant results.

Bouncy Bamboo: maximum repair

Bamboo is known for its soothing, healing characteristics and is therefore very suitable for nourishing damaged hair. The bouncy bamboo collection includes several nourishing and restoring products with bamboo extract.

Smooth Caviar: bye bye frizz

The smoothly caviar products make your hair feel delightfully luxurious and are particularly suitable for stubborn, frizzy hair. The products result in supple hair with unrivalled lustre and without any tangling.

Blushy Truffle: tired coloured hair

The blushy truffle product line is especially suitable for (coloured) hair that lost some of its vitality and shine. The care products make hair healthy and keep it in good condition.

Mighty Rice: mighty volume and protection

The mighty rice collection is a series of products developed for thin, lackluster hair in need of a volume boost. The products immediately make hair visibly firmer and fuller without weighing it down.

Colour in mask

colour in mask is a hybrid formula for both professional and home use. It combines the advantages of a temporary color and a hair mask in one product / treatment. This creates an ultimate synergy with every permanent or semi-permanent hair color treatment.

Glamourise & form / for any hair

In addition to its 5 luxury programs of special styling and finish products – blushing truffle, bouncy bamboo, smoothly caviar, mighty rice and moist seaweed – Oolaboo offers a separate program of innovative, quality styling tools for shaping, styling and finishing your hair. Every glam former product has a rich texture in order to create that luxury, voluminous feeling. They are the ultimate products to give your hair that famous stylish glamour and catwalk boost. All glam former products use memory technology and include a recently developed generation of polymers and fixatives to add strength and durability to every look without being hard or sticky. This allows every glam former product to create an indestructible look with unparalleled strength.

The Super Foodies range:

In their laboratories Oolaboo managed to include the special benefits of super foods in hair and skin care, hence the name of this unique, new collection of hair care products: super foodies. At the heart of each super foodies product is the new super food Matcha: the oldest, most refined and rarest tea from Japan. Super foodies are care products with an extraordinary amount of nutrients for your hair, your skin and your inner health.


download (14)Hair Colour @ Retreat Hairdressing

Hair Colour Specialists in Erina – Central Coast.

At our hair salon in Erina, we provide a diverse range of hair colour services for men, ladies professional hair colour and also fashion hair colours for teenagers and adults.

Whether you’re hoping to get rid of unwanted grey hair or be daring and bold with coloured streaks or lowlights, or perhaps a total revamp with a fresh hair colour; we can help find the best salon hair colour for you at our Central Coast hairdressers.

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